Hello all! We are very excited to present our next big milestone.

Our goal has always been to make our tools accessible to as many people as possible.

Even though we are from the Solana community, it was clear since the beginning of our journey that we wanted to expand to more chains and more communities.

This is why we are really proud to announce the launch of our $SAFE token, which will be built upon our current NFT collection and create value for the entire NFT ecosystem.

With the $SAFE token, we want to provide consistent value to our holders. We have been working with a well-respected token consultant on this project, and we believe we have a unique value proposition.

Let’s dive in!


You can download and share the PDF presentation here:


Ticker: $SAFE
Total Supply: 150,000,000

● 26.2% Liquidity– Vested over a 3 year linear period● 2.5% Marketing – Funds are released 25% per month to allow the team to perform a large marketing push in the first 4 months.
● 10% Team – Funds are vested for 3 Years with an initial cliff of 6 months.● 53.3% Staking – Funds locked up in the staking faucet to allow for ~3 Years of staking.
● 7.5% IDO – Funds will be released as a Fair Launch IDO with the market deciding the price.● 0.5% Airdrop – Funds that are airdropped to existing holders as a thank you.


Mint Address


Mint Autority



You can stake your RadRugs NFTs to earn $SAFE. When your NFTs are staked they will be earning you a minimum of 70 $SAFE per week. The amount of $SAFE that you earn will be determined by the rarity of the RadRugs NFT that is being staked.



The rarity is calculated from the SolRarity system.

Staking Platform

We decided to use FloppyLabs staking platform instead of building our own, to save on costs and also because we want to focus on our main business case.

We met the guys at FloppyLabs because they requested a review, and the more we learned and researched, the more it made sense to trust in a new pre-mint staking partner.

The staking link will be shared with our community on Twitter and Discord.

Premium Access

One of the main features of our business model is the ability for our users to access detailed reviews and comments from our reviewers. Previously, this access would require 3 NFT RadRugs present in the user’s Solana wallet.

With the new subscription model, holding 3 RadRugs NFTs won’t be required anymore, since the users will be able to access the Premium section by paying the subscription fee with the $SAFE tokens generated by their NFTs.

In the meantime and since the subscription model will come later, once the staking is set up, it will be necessary to have 3 RadRugs NFTs staked in order to access the Premium version.


We will be airdropping $135 $SAFE to all delisted RadRugs NFT to thank our community for supporting us throughout this journey!

The snapshot and airdrop date will be announced on Twitter and Discord.


We will be conducting an IDO to allow our early adopters to purchase $SAFE at a low price in order to maximize their opportunities to explore the utility of the token.

This will also allow the team to fund the development of the next iterations of the application and fuel the growth of the project.


After the IDO we will be listing $SAFE on a DEX in order to allow the free trading of $SAFE for anyone who wishes to sell or buy the $SAFE directly.

All details will be shared on Twitter and Discord.

Liquidity Pool

We will be adding $10,000 USDC to the liquidity pool on launch.


Subscription Model

RadRugs has been our main focus since day one. That won’t change any time soon. Our NFT Collection will continue to be the cornerstone of our ecosystem — the $SAFE token will add value to it.

In order to maintain our independence and impartiality, we believe it is important to transition to a user-centric model.

That’s why we will be implementing a subscription model for all investors, regardless of the chain, in the coming weeks.

We will also continue to offer our coaching and consulting services for projects that wish to improve their fundamentals for the entire community.

Real-life Rugs

We already have a business relationship with a rugs manufacturer in Turkey. Holders will be able to get their NFT into an authentic rug with free worldwide shipping.

These rugs will be exclusively available with $SAFE.

We will start with our holders and slowly expand to more NFT collections! So yes, you will be able to have your NFT immortalized in a rug for your man’s cave, office, or kid’s room.

Exclusive Discord role: RadRugs Family

For a pre-defined amount of $SAFE, holders can get a new role, unlocking special perks.

RadRugs Family benefits:

  • A #vip channel with a direct line of communication with the HQ team.
  • Early access and sneak peeks at what the team is developing and doing.
  • The highest priority for any activity and decision that involves Discord roles.
  • Insider info: we will mention with whom we have partnered hours before making the official announcement.

Privileged access to future RadRugs collections

The $SAFE token will be used to unlock the ability to mint future RadRugs collections.

We are already working on some new collections that would be complementary to our current business model. Don’t miss the chance!

Whitelist Access

The $SAFE token will be used to gain whitelist access to different partnered projects. The price of these will be evaluated with the partners.

Review Expediting

Projects will be able to spend $SAFE to expedite the review process.

  • Normal Delivery: 0 $SAFE (Priority 3)
  • Expedited Delivery: 10% Extra cost (Priority 2)
  • Urgent Delivery: 20% Extra cost (Priority 1)

Be aware, however, that expedited delivery does not in any way, shape, or form, change the rigor in which the projects will be reviewed. They will still have to go through the exact same process, expediting only bumps them up the queue.

Third-Party Review

Holders will be able to pay $SAFE to request a review of ANY project! 


RadRugs is not your typical NFT project. We are a legit company, under the umbrella of our legal entity Haaven Solutions, incorporated in Canada.

Don’t miss out on a legitimate company with a viable and effective business model that aims to make the NFT ecosystem more secure.


Community 👋

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us: