We are very excited to announce the release of the latest version of our Dashboard application!

We have been collecting feedback from users and our development team has been working hard to implement several new features and improvements.

This release features several enhancements to provide even greater value to our community while opening the door to a further decentralized implementation of our product offering.

One of the main features of the new release is to deliver more value to the non-holders of RadRugs and to those holding fewer than 3 RadRugs NFTs.

What’s new?

  • Holders of at least 1 RadRugs NFT can now vote on how confident they are in the safety of the projects by clicking on a project in the main view – then voting on it!

    Each vote can only be used once per RadRugs NFT, and is tied to the total RadRugs NFT held in the wallet. For example, if you vote “Secure” for the project “ABC” and you hold 5 RadRugs NFTs, 5 upvotes will be counted in the application for this project.

  • Owners of at least 1 RadRugs NFT now have the capability to comment on projects and share information with the community by clicking on a project in the main view.

    Note: No comment limit is currently implemented…but this might change eventually (token? 👀)

  • A risk level representing the security sentiment score as assessed by RadRugs is now represented in the form of a badge. It provides investors with an additional tool to conduct their due diligence and select projects according to the level of risk that suits them.
  • An overview of the overall project review is now available to all in the free version of the app, as a tooltip on the risk badge. The idea is to provide a little more information for everyone to guide investment decisions and encourage due diligence.
  • Our standard review process includes coaching and consultation with the projects team members. Each project review is now saved in our database and shown in the History section to owners of 3 RadRugs NFTs.

  • A widget showcasing which projects are minting that current day is now available to all. The information presented includes the name of the project, its risk level as well as links to its main social networks, allowing investors to quickly access the desired information.
  • A widget showing the projects with the most upvotes in the last 24 hours is now available to all.
  • A widget showing recently completed projects is now available to all users as well.
  • The community alerts widget has been removed as this feature was not aligned with the direction of our project.
  • A Discord bot has been developed by our team. It automatically pushes a message to a channel on our Discord server every time a new project review is published.
  • It is no longer necessary to connect the wallet every time the user accesses the Premium section!
  • The columns in the main table have been updated to present only relevant information and not clutter the users’ view.
  • In response to our significant growth – The application’s performance has been improved to support a large flow of data and connections.


You can access these new features on our Project Reviews dashboard as of now:

If you’re not a holder yet and would like to join our awesome community, you can buy RadRugs NFTs on MagicEden. 3 NFTs give you access to the Premium section of our reviews, with in-depth analysis and advanced metrics.

Thank you for your support!

Community 👋

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us: